I’m Angie Tusa, nice to meet you!

I do both video and written reviews on movies, books, comics, video games, and more.  I also co-host a podcast, do occasional craft projects, and have recently been working on the set of an independent film.  On this page you will find out more about my various creative projects available online as well as all my social media contacts.

My main web series at the moment is Castle Rock Companion, where I compare the original written works of Stephen King to the movie and television adaptations based on them.  I rate the works both on their individual merits as well as how they stand up to the original work.

My review blog is titled Another One’s Treasure, because what may seem like junk to some people are things I truly love.  I cover all kinds of media, whatever is striking my fancy at the time.  I frequently do marathons of posts where I will cover an entire series, such as when I covered all things Bill & Ted or went through the entire run of Muppet films.

Please check the Projects page to see details on my other active projects, and Updates will link you to the most recent content I’ve put online.

This website is currently a work in progress, so please be patient as I try to make it a little cleaner and more presentable. Thank you!

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